Portland Toy Drive Christmas in July Open House & Fundraiser


Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center

The Portland Toy Drive continues its progression with over 1000+ supporting fans on our Facebook fan page. The best causes are those that help the less fortunate while supporting your local economy. That is what the Portland Toy Drive is all about – an opportunity to help children in your community while creating social and business connections to help you in your ambitions.

After a successful Portland Toy Drive Social Mixer last month we move into our next phase in building the momentum with community awareness and support. The Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center is the site of our next major event with an added goal of raising charitable funds. Whereas the social mixer was a chance for a meet & greet of supporters and business professionals this upcoming event is a opportunity to network on a grander scale with an added bonus of donating toys and monetary proceeds (tax deductible of course). We must thank a few early businesses that have donated thus far to our auction and raffle drawing (more underway):

Hotel Deluxe
Hotel Vintage Plaza
Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center
The Original Dinerant
El Gaucho
Pazzo Ristorante
Jerry Trimble Helicopters
Listed below is detailed information of our upcoming event:

The Portland Toy Drive initiative is a concerted effort among volunteers, fans, businesses & organizations to stage a successful toy drive this holiday season to help needy children. We, the Portland Toy Drive team, are promotional support advocates for the Fire Department’s Toy & Joy Makers & the Marine’s Toys For Tots. Our mission is to help Portland become the largest toy drive success in the Nation with 1000 supporting entities.

We request your support in our effort and invite you and a guest to the Portland Toy Drive Christmas in July Open House & Fundraiser. Details are as follows:

Portland Toy Drive Christmas in July Open House & Fundraiser
July 15th
Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center Hotel
550 SW Oak Street
Portland, OR 97204

* Complimentary hor’dourves & appetizers
* No host bar
* Silent Auction
* Raffle drawing for donated gifts
* Donations – cash/credit card/checks are tax-deductible
* Dress code – standard business casual
* Please give a toy or book

Our attendees include Portland Fire Bureau & city officials & representatives from Toy & Joy Makers and Toys For Tots. Invites are currently being sent to other civic, business and association leaders.

In addition to bringing a toy or book donation we encourage you to bring your business cards and network with other community supporters in our effort to help needy children.

Developing Marketing Tools to Promote YOU


Bear Printing of Tigard, OR Providing Marketing Support
Help our community’s needy children while promoting your business and organization with the Portland Toy Drive. Businesses are created to provide a service or product consumers demand and in exchange the owner(s) earn profit based on the value they bring and the number of people they serve well. When you market your business which of the following approaches would you find more receptive and appealing among your customers, clients & guests?

Some conventional advertising approaches:

“Store-wide 20% off sale!”
“Looking for insurance or real estate services? Call me today!”
“Complimentary eyebrow wax with a $50 or more gift certificate purchase!”
“Call us today for a reservation/appointment/service call/free consultation.”
“Corporate holiday party!”
*What is the typical response and response rate when such messages are deployed?

Help kids in the Portland Toy Drive and possible approaches:

“Bring a toy & receive 20% off your in-store purchase!”
“X real estate / insurance / financial company is helping children in the Portland Toy Drive! Bring a toy to our HOSTED client or VIP appreciation party!”
“Bring a toy and receive a complimentary facial!” or “Bring a toy and purchase a $100 gift certificate for $50!”
“Bring a toy and receive X dollars off or complimentary ___with your service/appointment/stay/consultation/dinner!”
“XYZ Corporation doing good for children! Bring a toy to the holiday party!”
*It will be interesting to see what the responses and response rate will be with a Help Kids first approach

Currently in development with Bear Printing is the creation of a “free to use” E-library of promotional marketing templates, flyers, e-cards, ect which businesses can customize to fit their branding, logo, slogan, contact info, ect. This is part of the marketing support for the overall effort to help kids in the Portland Toy Drive. Businesses and organizations will be able to easily E-MAIL and share these templates on social networks such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ect with the touch of a “share button.” This back end system, accessible through the Portland Toy Drive website, will be ready by September 2010 for each of the 1000 businesses to utilize if they choose. – More details in the future as updates become available.

How many of us have children? How many of your clients, customers and guests have children? People genuinely want to do good for others especially for a great cause. If you can provide a means for others to help kids (which most people can emotionally relate to and want to do) in their own community, while purchasing and utilizing the services they already need and will eventually purchase, you may have a recipe and potential for better than average results and success.

The Portland Toy Drive is a means to help children in the community while providing greater visibility and potentially increased economic activity. What does a business have to lose by helping kids in the Portland Toy Drive? What potential does a business have to gain by being a part of an effort to make history for Portland?

Portland Toy Drive Vision

The City of Portland Working Together

1000 businesses & organizations hosting, promoting, and endorsing the Portland Toy Drive effort. One person can make a difference. There are countless stories and examples throughout our societal history of individuals accomplishing amazing feats. The burning question is, “What can a city do together” with something as simple as a unified toy drive effort?

This vision of a city-wide toy drive campaign is unique because it can include everyone. The “Portland Toy Drive” name was chosen because the words themselves serve to encompass the city of Portland as a whole. We are attempting to help as many children as possible while providing marketing ideas and support to the participating entities (namely the businesses & organizations) so they may advance their interests. Let’s be frank; a person or organization can help more if they have more. One of the main goals of the Portland Toy Drive team is to develop a feasible framework where future partners can mutually raise donations while growing their prospective economic activity.

If you stop to think about the number 1000; what does that potentially mean? The average business and organization will likely have 500 contacts in their sphere of influence to promote to. 500 is actually quite a small number. But If you do the math:

1000 businesses/organizations X 500 contacts each = 500,000 people

Portland is known for being:

Environmentally friendly
Bicycle friendly
Public transportation and light rail friendly
Coffee Loving
Micro brewery affluent
Is it possible that one day Portland can be known as the city with the largest toy drive in the nation, setting the example for others to follow? Is it possible that one day others across the country will look to Portland as one of the FINEST examples of a city working together to help their community?

I believe it’s possible. In fact…it’s already started.

Logging In Oregon


Oregon logging

In the current environment, you would find trees to be the most important natural resource that we seem to have been blessed with. This is because not only does it help in beautifying the environment, but it also provides us with much needed oxygen. Without this, there is no way that we would be able to survive on this earth.

So, while the task of cutting trees might seem to be difficult and heart-wrenching, it would still be something that would need to be done nonetheless. In some cases, it would help to get rid of impending danger or allow the tree to grow to its full potential.

So, when the time would come to cut trees, it would always be better to hire logging services rather than deciding to do it on your own. This is because these companies have the necessary knowledge and experience in order to get the job done. In addition, they also possess appropriate tools and equipment to make sure that the task could be completed while making sure that everything around them would be kept safe.

Therefore, if you are still under the false impression that tree cutting is still something that you would be able to do on your own, it would be highly recommended that you think through the whole thing again. In fact, to make things easier upon yourself, we tell you about some of the benefits that you would be able to enjoy as a result of hiring professional tree logging services.

  • In the case of trees, you would sometimes find that it causes emergencies that would threaten to damage property or harm property. Some of the common reasons for which this might take place might be when a branch falls off due to old age or after a storm or hurricane. So, the equipment and training possesses by loggers would be critical in ensuring that chances of anything seeming to go wrong would be significantly reduced or completely eliminated.
  • Logging services would also be experts to ensure that their work would be carried out in the safest way possible. This is because even though it might seem pretty simple and straightforward at first glance, there are some dangers involved. In addition, it would also need to be considered that your valuable property would be located beneath your trees. So, it would be necessary to get a knowledgeable expert to prevent any form of damage.
  • In addition, as a result of the dangerous nature of tree logging, these people would equip themselves with sufficient insurance in order to avert potential financial losses. So, by hiring these experts, you would be assured of the fact that you would be financially protected in case of accidents or incidents that might take place in your property.

Hence, as is quite apparent, hiring tree logging services is something which would work for your benefit along with your property. This is because if you fail to hire these professionals, you might be faced with an expensive lawsuit. Now that might not be something that you would like to encounter anytime soon.

One of the main components after logging is milling. To mill logs, companies have to get custom saws made to fit the individual needs of owners. We will looking into some of our local saw makers in the next article.

Portland SEO Company Becomes New Sponsor For Kids!


Oregon Web Solutions Becomes A New Sponsor

Oregon Web Solutions is a local Portland SEO Company that has reached out in their desire to help the Portland community and especially kids. Matt Rose (CEO of Oregon Web) has been know for generous donations in the local area over the last 10 years. Having seen some of the work we have done in the past, he and his partner Seth Morrisey were excited to jump in and help out.

Matt says: “If there is one area in life I really love helping out, it is single parents and kids. There is no price tag anyone can put on seeing a kids face light up due to an unexpected gift or just helping them out. I know what special gestures meant to me as a kid and I’m happy to help give that same feeling to as many others as possible! The Portland toy drive is a another avenue where I feel we can do just that.

Matt also mentioned that Seth feels the same way but wasn’t available for comment at the moment.

This Christmas will be just a little more special for a lot of kids due to their undisclosed generosity and help behind closed doors. When asked to even give the above statement, The company was hesitant and they felt their helping didn’t need to go mentioned so as not to sound braggadocios. After some prodding on my part, Matt decided it would be ok so that it might inspire other companies in the Portland area to do the same.

Needless to say we are happy and grateful for Oregon Web Solutions support. They happen to be one of the best Portland SEO consultants so if you are in need of search engine optimization for your business, give them a call and they can give you a lending hand. You can reach them below:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO
1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028

We would additionally like to to thank a few of our most recent sponsors:


Oregon Web Solutions

Alergy Immunology Clinic

Thank you for your kind generosity and continued support to raise money for kids.

All of our sponsors have the choice to be publicly noticed or not. If you would like to sponsor us and donate to help kids, you do not need to be publicly mentioned unless you so choose.

Please contact us for more information regarding donations.

For any questions, please contact us below.

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