Applying “Good To Great” Principles in the Portland Toy Drive Effort

It became apparent when 1000 businesses & organizational partners was a goal for 2010, help would be needed. I’m no stranger to the reality that great accomplishment, especially that which serves social good, is never achieved alone.

Jim Collins, author of #1 bestseller, Good To Great, states it clearly, “First Who…then what.” In his other words, “Get the right people on the bus.” Collins also professes that the right people don’t need to be tightly managed or fired up. The problem of how to motivate and manage people goes away.

Beginning immediately after the 2009 holidays I searched through my list of friends and contacts in search of people who had a strong passion to help others, especially children. It was also important that these team members possessed a high degree of professionalism and an ambition to succeed in a big way doing good.

Karen Howell-Rice, serves as Portland Toy Drive’s marketing specialist. Karen has extensive experience in the real estate title & escrow industry with direct marketing campaign programs and promotional template creation. Part of the Portland Toy Drive effort is to create promotional marketing templates businesses and organizations can use to advertise the toy drive in conjunction with their current promotional programs.

Tiffany Lange, serves as a business support specialist for the Portland Toy Drive. Having much volunteer experience as a Portland native she understands the needs of our Youth. Working for Field Turf, she brings with her project coordination experience and a vast array of connections within Portland’s community.

Candy Achenbach, serves as marketing support & social media strategist. Candy – Investor, Model, Journalist, Charity Advocate – is founder of ItsCandyPink and brings to the Portland Toy Drive an incredible passion to help children while sharing our progress to thousands on facebook & twitter.

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