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Help our community’s needy children while promoting your business and organization with the Portland Toy Drive. Businesses are created to provide a service or product consumers demand and in exchange the owner(s) earn profit based on the value they bring and the number of people they serve well. When you market your business which of the following approaches would you find more receptive and appealing among your customers, clients & guests?

Some conventional advertising approaches:

“Store-wide 20% off sale!”
“Looking for insurance or real estate services? Call me today!”
“Complimentary eyebrow wax with a $50 or more gift certificate purchase!”
“Call us today for a reservation/appointment/service call/free consultation.”
“Corporate holiday party!”
*What is the typical response and response rate when such messages are deployed?

Help kids in the Portland Toy Drive and possible approaches:

“Bring a toy & receive 20% off your in-store purchase!”
“X real estate / insurance / financial company is helping children in the Portland Toy Drive! Bring a toy to our HOSTED client or VIP appreciation party!”
“Bring a toy and receive a complimentary facial!” or “Bring a toy and purchase a $100 gift certificate for $50!”
“Bring a toy and receive X dollars off or complimentary ___with your service/appointment/stay/consultation/dinner!”
“XYZ Corporation doing good for children! Bring a toy to the holiday party!”
*It will be interesting to see what the responses and response rate will be with a Help Kids first approach

Currently in development with Bear Printing is the creation of a “free to use” E-library of promotional marketing templates, flyers, e-cards, ect which businesses can customize to fit their branding, logo, slogan, contact info, ect. This is part of the marketing support for the overall effort to help kids in the Portland Toy Drive. Businesses and organizations will be able to easily E-MAIL and share these templates on social networks such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ect with the touch of a “share button.” This back end system, accessible through the Portland Toy Drive website, will be ready by September 2010 for each of the 1000 businesses to utilize if they choose. – More details in the future as updates become available.

How many of us have children? How many of your clients, customers and guests have children? People genuinely want to do good for others especially for a great cause. If you can provide a means for others to help kids (which most people can emotionally relate to and want to do) in their own community, while purchasing and utilizing the services they already need and will eventually purchase, you may have a recipe and potential for better than average results and success.

The Portland Toy Drive is a means to help children in the community while providing greater visibility and potentially increased economic activity. What does a business have to lose by helping kids in the Portland Toy Drive? What potential does a business have to gain by being a part of an effort to make history for Portland?


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