Portland Toy Drive Vision

The City of Portland Working Together

1000 businesses & organizations hosting, promoting, and endorsing the Portland Toy Drive effort. One person can make a difference. There are countless stories and examples throughout our societal history of individuals accomplishing amazing feats. The burning question is, “What can a city do together” with something as simple as a unified toy drive effort?

This vision of a city-wide toy drive campaign is unique because it can include everyone. The “Portland Toy Drive” name was chosen because the words themselves serve to encompass the city of Portland as a whole. We are attempting to help as many children as possible while providing marketing ideas and support to the participating entities (namely the businesses & organizations) so they may advance their interests. Let’s be frank; a person or organization can help more if they have more. One of the main goals of the Portland Toy Drive team is to develop a feasible framework where future partners can mutually raise donations while growing their prospective economic activity.

If you stop to think about the number 1000; what does that potentially mean? The average business and organization will likely have 500 contacts in their sphere of influence to promote to. 500 is actually quite a small number. But If you do the math:

1000 businesses/organizations X 500 contacts each = 500,000 people

Portland is known for being:

Environmentally friendly
Bicycle friendly
Public transportation and light rail friendly
Coffee Loving
Micro brewery affluent
Is it possible that one day Portland can be known as the city with the largest toy drive in the nation, setting the example for others to follow? Is it possible that one day others across the country will look to Portland as one of the FINEST examples of a city working together to help their community?

I believe it’s possible. In fact…it’s already started.


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