Thai Bloom Reaches Out And Gives To The Portland Community

Thai Bloom Gives Back To Portland

thai-bloom-logoWe have been so blessed here at the Portland toy drive as of late. So many local businesses are reaching out and giving to the kids. It touches me at some of their generosity.
Our most recent donation came from Thai Bloom in Portland Oregon. Thai Bloom is a rename due to acquisition of an older company “Typhoon”. Having to take an old company and rebrand it has been a difficult task for owner Welter Bowers, but his love for genuine Thai food has made all the work worth it in the end. I have personally visited the new restaurant and eaten there. I was impressed by the quality and taste as I have had plenty of Thai food around Portland. The atmosphere was pleasing and the service was great as well. Mind you I only ate there once so far, but I do plan to go back and visit. I also plan to thank Walter in person for his generosity and giving to our cause.

As Christmas starts to roll around we are picking up steam and getting contacted more often. As of right now, we only focus on toys, but as I see other needs, we may try and branch out next year to add Thanksgiving baskets as well. It all depends on the donors and where they feel they would like to tithe their money. We simply coordinate things and get them done. It is because of all you that this is possible to happen. We are kind of the elves and the donors are Santa Claus.

As we approach the beginning of November we will start buying sprees of toys and full-time wrapping operations. Distributions will be possible due to all the volunteer work by so many local individuals that we can’t thank enough. This can be a headache of a task at times to handle, but well worth it when you see the smile on the face of a kid who was expecting nothing at all. I believe this is the main motivation behind so much giving.

I’d like to give one last thank you to Thai bloom .  It is because of business and people like you, that everything we do is made possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

All major donors will have the option to receive a full page thank you article like this one up until December 13th.


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